Current Work

I'm a PhD student in Software Engineering (SE) at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. My research goals are directed towards performing dynamic program transformations and extracting knowledge from data recorded in software repositories by using statistical methods. In particular, my research is focused on developing aggressive dynamic debloat techniques by monitoring applications' usage (e.g., leveraging test suites and execution traces to guide the debloating process). I'm also interested in measuring the impact and pervasiveness of bloatware across large-scale software ecosystems. I'm keen to perform research that (1) brings actionable insights to the SE community, (2) gives novel knowledge about how software is currently developed and maintained, and (3) provides tool support for software developers in order to improve software quality.

Current Projects

  • JDbl: Automatically Specializing Java Applications Through Dynamic Debloat
  • A Comprehensive Study of Bloated Dependencies in the Maven Ecosystem
  • Analyzing 2.3 Million Client-Library Maven Dependencies to Reveal an Essential Core in APIs